One Thing To MAKE Your Summer

This ice cream scoop by Cutco is billed as the last one you’ll ever need. My parents have one at their house and I blame it for my nightly scoops of Talenti Double Dark Chocolate Gelato.

cutco ice cream scoop

Your dessert prep transforms into pure art as you deftly slice through the ice cream like a German engineer or a beret-clad mid-century sculptor. You’ve got the touch, thanks to the “chrome-plated zinc castings” and the “thermoplastic elastomer.” I don’t know what that means. Mom told me there’s something in the handle that melts the ice cream as you scoop. This prevents any unseemly battles with rock hard ice cream that cause you to slip quickly from perfect hostess into Chris Farley screaming “Lay off me, I’m starving!”


As Ferris Bueller says, if you have the means, I highly recommend picking one up. Could be a nice goody for Father’s Day, a housewarming, or a wedding, combined with a couple cute bowls . . .

(I’m an Amazon affiliate, so if you click this link and buy something, I’ll get some pennies . . . thanks if you do! Or just get in touch with your favorite Cutco rep.)

UPDATE! Mama Rote confirms that their scoop was, in fact, a Father’s Day gift from my brother about five years ago. Still going strong, and it gets quite a workout. She says, “If we ever lose this ice cream scoop, Kyle’s going to have to move out. He loves it so much.”

New Art!

Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time. -Thomas Merton

 photo photo5_zps865b168e.jpg

I intended to share some new paintings from Uncle Steve this past Saturday, on his birthday. But, not unusually, things got away from me. I was telling Israel that my life this weekend reminded me too much of this immortal SNL skit and Chris Farley’s brilliant use of air quotes.

In my pregnant mom version: so maybe my house is not what you would call “clean.” I haven’t “taken a shower.” My family has no “fresh underwear.” And, sadly, as I just re-watched that video, two of Chris Farley’s also apply to me right now: I don’t “wear clothes that fit me.” I can’t “reach all the parts of my body.”

Too much information?

So . . . Uncle Steve, happy belated birthday! We love your art! Thank you!

If you know Uncle Steve, you know he’s a jack of all trades. Aside from his day job, he landscapes a “meadow-like back yard . . . full of simple pleasures” that gets featured in local magazines. Plus he’s funny and charming, friendly and approachable, making you so comfortable that you may just ask if you can use his back yard for your wedding. Or ask him to be your partner on The Amazing Race. He’s so thoughtful; he regularly calls me, or my husband, just to check in and say hello or that they’re thinking about us. Plus, he’s as handsome as Jamie Foxx.

If that weren’t enough, he’s a fantastic artist. After I saw two of his gorgeous tobacco leaf paintings last year, I had to ask him for something for our place!

 photo photo4_zps192aa559.jpg

This one, called “Appalachian Memories,” I love. I don’t think his tobacco plants grew this year, so I’m not sure what type of leaves these are that create the rolling mountain landscape. Mary Tobin and I have been picking up leaves on our walks; they are just amazing to stare at. I love that in this painting, the part becomes the whole. I automatically relax when I look at it. I feel connected to the place my mom and uncle grew up, to my aunt and uncle’s house, to the land that produced these leaves, to my uncle who picked them up and created something with them, to my family.

Next, Mary Tobin received new art for her room walk-in closet nursery! I can tell you nothing about the technique used, but it adds the perfect touch of magic/fantasy/whimsy/delight to the space. Usually when hanging things in her room I offer two acceptable spots and let Mary Tobin choose where something will go. But for this one, forget about “good parenting.” (Chris Farley’s living in my mind.)

 photo photo3_zpsec5c8705.jpg

It’s in a place of honor right above the Señorita Mexicana, whose colors complement the new painting beautifully.

 photo photo22_zps14e5bae7.jpgPlease excuse my poor photography, which does no justice to any of these!

The Mexican lady, by the way, is a Carlos Merida print that was tracked down on e-bay by Uncle Steve’s better half, Aunt Kace, after I had pinned the image on my Pinterest nursery inspiration board. I cried when they unveiled it at Mary Tobin’s baby shower. (To be fair I cry about a lot of things when pregnant; it’s official.)

Aunt Kace and Uncle Steve, what a pair you make! Thank you for decorating our house!