Carry Me Back to Virginia

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It’s blog-official: we moved again.

I’m over at Latin Business Today, talking about strategies to survive moving with young children: Four Ways to Make Moving with Little Kids (Relatively) Stress-Free.

Even before kids, I needed strategies to survive moving because it’s truly one of my most hated activities. (See here and here, and of course the famous Beer on the Head Story.) But as you see, we’ve moved a lot and I think maybe I’ve gotten a little better at it. I basically used the Latin Business Today post to armchair-psychologist myself, and the advice boils down to, Get on board, you’re moving, deal with it.

It’s a little bit funny to read now, since I know how badly I handled things after packing, driving from Nashville to Alexandria with three kids, and arriving to a house I’d never seen in person. I was in a dark mood as we waited in an empty house for our furniture to arrive. But it all falls under tip #4: Anticipate bumps in the road.

So what are your moving tips (and/or tragedies)? I start way in advance with grand intentions of packing two boxes per day, and I very intentionally go through items as I pack, organizing, purging, and cleaning. At the beginning. In theory. But of course it doesn’t really happen, and by the end we’re piling everything haphazardly into boxes labeled Miscellaneous.

I didn’t include that in the LBT piece, nor did I recount my breakdown when, at the height of the chaos—the morning before movers were coming, boxes and kids’ toys everywhere—we spotted our moving truck driving down the street, a day early. I lost it, and pulled Israel out of the shower. He ran down the street in his pajamas, waving our contract to prove the agree-upon date.

It all worked out in the end.

P.S. Great song, linking Nash to VA: