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An Outpouring of Support

I appreciate all the encouraging words after my online revelation—not about postpartum depression, but about JEAN JACKETS being back.

(Also sincerely loved hearing others’ thoughts on PPD. Thank you!! Perhaps more on that later.)

Did you know, and I’m sure you did, that jean jackets are IN? I’ve been determined to wear my ol’ J. Crew standard, circa 1998, this spring. If I’m successful, my pack rat tendencies will be dangerously affirmed. Israel and I are having a little feud over it, so I posted a couple instagram pics.

And people were not shy about weighing in. Aside from Israel himself, who helpfully commented, “Debbie Gibson called. She wants her jacket back,” all were in favor of the denim.

My brother sent me this classic:

(There’s no way that’s anything but a gesture of support.)

Mama Rote and Aunt Kace also followed with pictures of Reese Witherspoon and Carrie Ann Inaba.

I may be tired, but this is one project I felt up to tackling. Here’s my inspiration board on Pinterest of jean jacket looks such as these:

There’s no question that I’m right, that jean jackets are more than acceptable for spring 2014. The question for me is whether it’s worth the effort to pull it off. I’d love to reduce my wardrobe to the proverbial 10% that gets worn 90% of the time—only the items that are easy to wear, that I love and feel great in. So this experiment will determine whether the jean jacket becomes a go-to in my closet, or if it will be relegated to the archives at Mama Rote’s house.

(No, getting rid of it is not an option. MT and Inez will thank me for the vintage jacket down the road. Or they’ll use it for a costume. Or they’ll laugh. Their dad is already laughing.)

How do you wear your jean jacket? Please tell me you have one.

P.S. I know it’s painfully obvious, but I’m not a fashion maven, and FYI, this denim jacket renaissance is over two years old. If you’d like to follow a legit fashion blog, check out District of Chic, featuring a DC friend of ours who is both lovely and badass. How does she do it?

P.P.S. Mijin is a fashion icon.


8 thoughts on “An Outpouring of Support

  1. Well, you may not be a fashion maven, but when I clicked through to the District of Chic blog, the ad on the left side of the page was one from Madewell, with a denim jacket being featured, so…

  2. You mean they were out??? I am a former Gap employee and I think they subconsciously planted the idea in my mind that they are classic and timeless. I have been wearing mine for over a decade and I love it!

  3. omg, you just couldn’t help yourself with the fashion icon ref. it was such a nice blogpost until the ps.. JK! THOSE SWEATS LOOK GREAT ON YOU!

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  5. That Kelly Kapowski gif is epic (as is Izzy’s comment, but I feel like that could have been perceived more as a compliment than a criticism). I love me some jean jackets and completely agree they’re timeless! Also, random question, but where did you get the bag in the top photo? I really like it!

    PS Thanks so much for the sweet shoutout. I don’t know if I always know what’s “on-trend” but it’s fun to experiment!

    • Thanks! You are the final authority on this matter for the Ortega household.

      The Fjallraven bag is from our trip to visit friends in Denmark . . . but I’m seeing them all over the interweb these days. Bonobos carried them for awhile. For us it’s a perfect diaper bag!

  6. I would love to rock a jean jacket, but alas, I do not own one. Mark is vehemently against them, swearing it is a look I simply cannot pull off. I say rock it girl. Also, Mijin is indeed a fashion icon, has been since she was in middle school!

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