Spoiled Rich Kids


The best movie we watched over the holidays was a Mexican import: Nosotros Los Nobles [We The Nobility].

It’s a commentary on the spoiled children of the Mexican elite, who are starting to receive some pushback from everyday Mexicans, as covered in this WSJ article.

They are known in Mexico as “Juniors”—the sons and daughters of the country’s elite, young people whose love of brand names is surpassed only by their sense of entitlement. Juniors grow up to dominate the upper echelons of business and politics. They live behind high walls, travel in private jets and seem utterly untouchable—and out of touch in a country that struggles with poverty and violence.

In Nosotros Los Nobles, the father of three such spoiled brats realizes he’s got to take drastic measures to turn his kids around. Fooled by his elaborate ruse, the Juniors believe that their fortune is lost and have to—gasp—get jobs. As you might imagine, hilarity ensues. It was funny, charming, and thought provoking—what’s your idea of the good life?

Mom was here helping with Inez, and loved the movie too. Once you get used to the subtitles, I think you’ll like it even if you have no interest in Mexico. And if you do have any interest, your entertainment will only be enhanced. We cracked up, for example, when it was revealed that the daughter Barbie’s boyfriend was faking his lispy Spain-Spanish accent. Spoiler alert!—he’s actually from Cholula.


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