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Oh, Man.

 photo 18D4D9A9-3083-4CCE-9741-2BBD9DBCEA3E_zps4xugsi2a.jpg photo BB8044F8-DE5D-4CA5-BCB8-AED8516429F7_zpsp6wistrq.jpg photo FF2F469E-BA39-4E30-94D1-952F749A1EED_zpsffakof6k.jpg

Hey there, internet! I hardly know what to tell you since last I wrote. It’s safe to say that if I haven’t posted in awhile, my life has either been so wonderful, or so awful, that I haven’t found energy to give the ol’ blog. Which is it this time? I’d like to maintain an aura of mystery . . . but probably some of both.

Since last we met, beautiful Inez (aka Bebe Dos) came to join us! She was born two days before Christmas, and what a lovely holiday we had. Her full name is Sara Inez: Sara is Israel’s mom, and Inez is for his great aunt Inés. Name background: Inés/Inez is the Spanish/Italian/Portuguese variant of Agnes, and it means pure. We are pronouncing it in the more Spanish/Mexican way—ee ness or ee nez—rather than the Southern way—eye nez. :) I hope to write more about the name, the birth, etc. at a later date TBD.

As I’d hoped, figuring out a newborn this time around is not so scary since we’ve already been through it . . . not that it’s easy or not exhausting, but at least we can know some of those difficult things are normal and temporary. The new territory is how on earth to handle two little girls—logistically and emotionally! Mary Tobin is doing well with baby sister, but understandably is working to get more of our attention in both positive and negative ways. (Please do help a mama out with any free advice!) MT’s verbal ability is climbing and climbing, which is fun to watch. One cute example: after we’ve been laughing together, she releases a sigh and says, “oh, man.” Evidently I say that.

Oh, man. What a packed month six weeks (is it possible?). Overall things are fine, but life with a newborn is a bit of rollercoaster, isn’t it? There are ups and downs, of course, and nice smooth sections where you can gaze at the scenery, and then once in a while a free fall where you scream “I’m going to die!” Once you’re through it, you think, “I guess I didn’t die. But I don’t know if I can do that again.”

 photo D314342C-CFF8-47E9-A6BE-A7EB7F2E50B9_zpswiafcqjb.jpg
Oh, man. Serenity now!

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