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Midweek Motivation: “Simply Charming!”

So maybe not motivation/inspiration, just a little holiday cheer for your Tuesday:

This is probably my favorite scene from Miracle on 34th Street; I quote it all the time. 1947 humor, you slay me.

Although our Christmas movie list has to be hammered out each year, it’s certain that we’ll watch Miracle on 34th Street sometime during Thanksgiving weekend.

One thing Mary Tobin is into right now is talking on her “butter phone”— a wooden block from her set of kitchen play food. She carries it in her jacket pocket, takes it out and says hello and tells the person on the other end (usually one of her grandmothers, or maybe Meggie, my friend who she’s met once) what we’re doing. She swipes the screen with her finger like Mama and Papa do, and recently she’s started taking pictures with the phone or just pulling up pictures of her baby cousins to show us.

Naturally we tried to get her to say “Hellloooooo” like drunk Mrs. Shellhammer, but Mary Tobin wouldn’t take the bait.

“No.” ::shakes head:: (How silly of ME to ask!)

No more pliable baby to experiment on!

 photo null_zpsb866c2e8.jpgMary Tobin and Papa conducting some business in the taxi.

 photo null_zps1432da0b.jpgThanksgiving. Mary Tobin taking a picture of me taking a picture.

On a separate note, MT is wearing a dress by Mama Rote, scarf by Abuela; preppy sweater to represent her father, and moccasins to represent her bohemian-chic mother (right?)– and also Native Americans. :)

P.S. Related: Louis C.K. on kids and cell phones. I love him so much. “I don’t care what you want. It’s not even interesting.”


3 thoughts on “Midweek Motivation: “Simply Charming!”

  1. Hellloooo – you can’t have a cell phone! Great post – you could write a whole series of commentaries on that Louis C.K. clip! From the kids’ phones to mean kids to texting and driving to the empty spot inside of us – I wonder what his wife is like…
    And the photo of Israel and Mary Tobin in the taxi is priceless!

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