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Merry Autumn Days

autumn leaves

‘Tis pleasant on a fine spring morn
To see the buds expand,
‘Tis pleasant in the summertime
To see the fruitful land;
‘Tis pleasant on a winter’s night
To sit around the blaze,
But what are joys like these, my boys,
To merry autumn days!

We hail the merry autumn days,
When leaves are turning red;
Because they’re far more beautiful
Than anyone has said.
We hail the merry harvest time,
The gayest of the year;
The time of rich and bounteous crops,
Rejoicing and good cheer.

-Charles Dickens

Solid poem, Dickens! Who knew? I like the line “what are joys like these, my boys”— reminds me of a New England prep school, as if I’d know what that’s like.

Hope you have a great Thanksgiving. If you need it, do a last minute gratitude jar with the fam.

autumn treeMary Tobin is sporting a cape (!!) from her adorable Halloween costume and a smocked floral dress—both by Mama Rote—along with pink ballerina shoes of her own choosing, several sizes too large.

4 thoughts on “Merry Autumn Days

  1. “The leaves are yellow, red, brown;
    A shower sprinkles softly down.
    The air is fragrant, crisp and cool;
    Once again, I’m stuck in school.”
    Jack Prelutsky
    “Down, down, down; red, yellow, brown;
    Autumn leaves float softly down.”

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