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A Conversation with Ms. Linda

Thanks for the nice comments and well wishes after our exciting announcement! Today I have a quick link/shameless plug for your Friday reading pleasure.

choir director in action

I’ve mentioned Ms. Linda before. She’s like my honorary DC mom, and she has a great story. If you were ever to walk into Little Lights, chances are you’d get into a conversation with Ms. Linda, and chances are you’d stay a lot longer than you planned—she can talk! It’s her personality, but it’s also that she has a lot of wisdom and experience, and she’s willing to share.

Ms. Linda was one of the oldest of ten siblings growing up in the Capitol Hill neighborhood in DC. (This was way before it had any sushi or cupcake places!) She was always surrounded by kids, telling stories and making up games. So as an adult when she found herself working in the same building where Little Lights rented space years ago, she couldn’t ignore the voice telling her to walk downstairs and get involved. She reprimanded two girls who were giving Ms. Mary a difficult time, and they straightened up for the rest of choir rehearsal—you better believe it.

Soon after, she became the director of the Gospel Choir, the Girls’ Night leader, the all around disciplinarian . . . she wears many hats, and has been at Little Lights ever since. She loves to sing and hates sprinkles. She loves jewelry, a great bargain, and her husband Mr. Thomas, who is my celebrity crush (don’t ask, because I don’t even remember).

Mr. Thomas and Ms. Linda

So, I had the privilege of writing up an interview with Ms. Linda for the latest Little Lights newsletter.

[The first part of our conversation was posted here for Mother’s Day. She gives advice and insight into the challenges faced by Little Lights parents, many of whom are single moms.]

I loved reading it again because it’s just like talking to her (except that you’ll actually move on to your next activity in a timely fashion. Haha, j/k j/k). A couple of my favorite nuggets:

On joy:

I don’t let things get to me. Like things that people normally worry about, I just give it to God.

By the time you get to 53, you’re supposed to learn a few things. Not just cry and freak out over things. You’re supposed to give it to God, and just say, OK there’s nothing I can do about it. Let me just pray and give it to Him.

On being grounded:

I think because I get to see the nitty gritty of families who don’t have, it keeps me grounded, and I think about that a lot in my personal life, the choices I make, even ways I spend money. I think about that there’s always somebody who doesn’t have. I’m thinking about the situation somebody has been through. I think about that.

And, Ms. Linda tells us how her marriage stays healthy. (“It keeps harmony and peace in a marriage.”) What’s her secret? I’ll end the same way I liked to finish my third grade book reports: you’ll have to read it to find out. 


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