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Bebe Dos FAQs (i.e., I’m pregnant)

Audubon wood stork

Hey, friendly friends! I’ve been trying to think of a nice, creative way to announce that we’re expecting—however, my brain doesn’t work properly. So I’ll go with the easiest format I can think of, and tackle some FAQs.

Q. Are you pregnant?

A. Yes!

Q. Are you excited?!

A. Yes, now that I’m in the second trimester. Honestly, earlier on, I knew, in my brain, that this new life is an exciting thing, but I didn’t feel the excitement yet. I felt like booting, then killing Israel (my husband, not the country—I dread the google searches that yield this post as a result).

Q. Does Mary Tobin know?

A. Not yet. She’ll be a little over two when Bebe Dos is born. (If you have any advice, holler at me please!) As an adult I find the concept of time difficult, so (though she’s clearly a prodigy!) if Mary Tobin understood that we’re having a baby, I think she’d expect him or her to come tomorrow. We’re waiting a little bit to begin talking about it.

Q. Will you find out if Bebe Dos is a boy or girl?

A. Yes! This is my husband’s concession to me, and I’m so grateful. We found out with la princesa, so he thought it would be fun to have a surprise this time. My best arguments: I want to tell MT about her little brother or sister. And it’s my body.

So I’ll let you know, I hope, in a few more weeks after the ultrasound.

Q. Any cravings?


Swedish Fish and Better Cheddars earlier. What can I say? The kid needs nutrients. Lately, nothing very funny or exciting.

Q. Do you really want to kill Israel?

A. Not 24/7. My friend told me that her husband slept on the couch for the duration of her pregnancy. So, all things considered, I think we’re doing alright.

Q. When are you due?

A. After Christmas.

Q. Names??

A. Yes. For a boy, if he’s born on Christmas Day, Uncle Steve suggests Felix. Felix Navidad Ortega. [Groan!] Or Scooter. Please tell me you have suggestions that will trump Uncle Steve!

Q. Are you showing yet?
A. If you thought I’d post some baby bump pics, you were sorely mistaken, my friend!

More to come!


4 thoughts on “Bebe Dos FAQs (i.e., I’m pregnant)

  1. Yay!! Congrats, Lady! So far I’ve only wanted to kill Todd occasionally in this pregnancy – mostly in the first & third trimesters. Perhaps now that you’re in your second, the killy feelings will dissipate. Muchas Felicidades!

  2. Well, if Bebe Dos is a boy, you could go the royal route with a Latin twist: Jorge Alejandro Luis Ortega. Very current.

  3. I LOVE Mary Lynne’s name suggestion! If our twins had been boys, one of them would have Jorge somewhere in their name.

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