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Delight, or, Never Underestimate the Power of Great Sunglasses

This weekend a group of my college sorority sisters got together for dinner, some girls whom I’ve seen regularly since graduation, and some I haven’t seen at all since we walked the Lawn. Either way, we agreed there’s something special about getting together with friends who knew you in college; you don’t have to try to explain who you are. In a way, each of us has become an entirely different person since then, but even so, we relished our time and found it so pleasant, the not having to try so hard.


One thing I love about these girls is how hilarious and fun they are, while retaining significant depth. So I wasn’t surprised when Lauren made us go around the table to answer a question: What’s something that has delighted you recently? Delight. Yes, that’s the word she used.

Answers included zumba, salted caramel gelato from Whole Foods, wedding planning (yay Mary!), Friday Night Lights, the memory of a hike with family, and that which can’t be published on a blog (at least not my blog).

I said The West Wing on Netflix (let Bartlet be Bartlet), because it’s awesome and it’s on my mind (of course, since Zoey was just abducted by terrorists!!!).

But, a better and perhaps even more shallow answer would have been my new sunglasses. They are the source of serious delight these days. Classic aviators, $10 impulse buy, from a gas station in southern Virginia on our Fourth of July road trip. When I put them on, I felt instantly cooler, and they continue to elevate my confidence by an unreasonable degree. No make up? Dirty hair? Put on the aviators.


I’ve never been one to buy expensive sunglasses—kudos to you if you do—so that I won’t worry about losing them or wearing them in the pool. If you have the means and the time, I strongly recommend that you hop in your car, get on the highway, pull off at a random gas station, and peruse their merchandise.

What has been a source of delight for you lately?


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