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Ten Tweets from Mary Tobin

When the social media icons popped up on the screen during Meet the Press this morning, Mary Tobin identified the birdie that represents Twitter with one of her cute little motions and a “tweet tweet!”

So naturally Israel and I began to discuss what insight she might share with the world if she had a Twitter account. Here is what I imagine:

Happy Sunday! Just made a killer tent under the covers w/ @josieortega & @izzyortega. Love that game!!


OMG THIS CHEESE IS THE BEST THING I’VE EVER EATEN. I could eat this stuff all day. . .

Sporting one of my favorite bows today: http://instagram.com/p/ZGq739AoOq/# Check it out! #biggerisbetter

Can’t wait to go to church, beg all the ladies for food, and make them think my gringa mom starves me! #LOL #sorryImnotsorry

My brain won’t stop thinking about cheese. Please tell me other kids have this problem?! #firstworldbabyproblems

Fruta? Yes yes yes yes ::nods head vigorously::


Did y’all hear that TRUCK outside!!! #beepbeep yeah!


Clearly, this list is not realistic, because all Mary Tobin’s tweets would actually be about food. One question remains: what should her Twitter handle be?


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