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All Things Bright and Beautiful

 photo AD0EF814-1AEA-41BC-8424-01329B08A737-10594-000009BE31180675_zps806cba3f.jpg

Here are some shots of Mary Tobin and her dear abuela from a few weeks ago, when we made our first trip to Cholula, Mexico where my suegros [in-laws] have a house.

Cholula indeed was beautiful, and full of the bright colors that I love. In these pictures outside of Santa Maria Tonantzintla on our first day there, we asked “Donde esta Mary Tobin?” or “Where’s Mary Tobin?” to get her to smile and be playful for the camera.

 photo B1DB0164-8DF6-4B68-B6FA-5BB75CB4199E-7564-000006AB0BB15E79_zps60542447.jpg

Dientes?” “Teeth?”—another of my photo tricks.

 photo 6AA74673-28C1-45D6-9B9A-010FA44076EC-7564-000006AAF96DC3B4_zps6755a92d.jpg

Thinking . . .

 photo 3C6CD982-21B9-480A-95B5-1894E402C345-7564-000006AB1323552C_zps809f2efb.jpg

There she is!

 photo 8527E30E-45CD-476D-A15C-C82B1E08EF3A-7564-000006AB07E394E3_zps92c72b52.jpg
By the end of the week, all she would’ve needed to smile was to see Abuela. They were best buds. Abuela taught her to wipe her nose and throw away the tissues, waving bye-bye boogies and/or adios, moquitos! They smelled socks (don’t ask), played with osito [bear], and dissolved into fits of giggles in the early mornings.

I’m planning some posts for the coming weeks with pictures, stories, tips, etc. from our Cholula trip, as well as some of our recent and not so recent travels that I never got around to blogging. So check back if you’re interested.

Hope your weekend is bright and beautiful! I anticipate Mary Tobin will go bonkers with excitement this weekend: Tia Raquel is coming to town, and tomorrow we’re going to the zoo [!!!!].


10 thoughts on “All Things Bright and Beautiful

  1. I love smelling socks (just MT’s baby socks, I leave smelling adult socks to Citlali and her nutty past times). It may run in the family…haha

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