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The Cupcake Trick That Will Change Your Life

Source: thenotquitevegan.wordpress.com via Josie on Pinterest

If you live in the first world, cupcakes are going to be part of your life, so I don’t feel the title of this post is an exaggeration.

At the end of each episode of The Bachelor—as if you didn’t know—they roll bloopers or other funny footage during the credits. Last Monday we witnessed the awkwardness that often occurs when someone tries to eat a cupcake gracefully. You get icing on your nose, or a bite full of icing only, or cake only; it’s not pretty.

Solution: cupcake sandwich. Break off the bottom of the cupcake, flip it and place on top of the icing. Boom. Take a bite. Guaranteed perfect icing:cake ratio.

Warning. When you do this, you’ll be stopped at parties by amazed onlookers who say, “Holy Christmas. Did you just make a cupcake sandwich? That is the best thing I’ve ever seen. Are you a member of Mensa?”

My former boss, a lovely Member of Congress, let me in on the cupcake sandwich secret at an office birthday party a few years back. What about you? Have you known about this since second grade? If not, will you try it next time? It may sound simple. It is simple! But it will make a vast difference in your cupcake experience. If your life is not changed, I’ll refund your money.

If Lindsey doesn’t win The Bachelor, who knows what effect this cupcake trick might’ve had! If only!


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