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Secretos de Belleza [Beauty Secrets]

Gracia y Paz mujeres

Awhile back, the ladies of Gracia y Paz got together to eat, chat, and have some serious talk about the beauty that comes from within.

It’s at these gatherings where my Spanish comprehension is truly tested, as we sit around a table discussing something, then heads turn to me and I’m expected to contribute. I hope that I’ve been keeping up correctly and that my comment is relevant, and that the lady next to me didn’t just say the exact same thing. (In case you’re wondering, I listen to them speaking Spanish, then make my comments in English. Just to change things up and keep everyone on their toes.)

After covering the inner beauty stuff, we took turns spilling our personal [outward] beauty secrets. We chatted about makeup routines; working out (use something like this); how to curl your eyelashes using a spoon; and eliminating blackheads using a homemade face scrub (honey, brown sugar, a couple drops of lemon). In the “I’d never thought of that as a beauty secret” department, someone who shall remain nameless brought her OB-GYN’s business cards for all of us.

My secrets: drink a lot of water, try to get a lot of sleep. I also brought a bunch of Crest White Strips to pass around. That beauty secret doesn’t belong to me, but to someone else in the Ortega household. (And, no, Mary Tobin currently has six teeth and does not use Crest White Strips.)

I just love hearing tips, for beauty or otherwise. I think the human mind is more open to new information if it comes in the form of a tip. They’re yummy little nuggets that promise big results from little effort. Does this love of tips apply to all people, just women, just me, or just anyone who reads Oprah Magazine?

Alright, spill your guts! What are your beauty secrets? (And, thank you for any leads on good OB-GYNs!)

P.S. After I added the pictures above, I have to say: are these women not some of the most beautiful around? Their faces are RADIANT. It’s a privilege to hear their beauty tips, and to call them hermanas. This is not a serious post, but I was on the verge of tears!

P.P.S. For the Gracia y Paz women’s gathering this month, I agreed to come up with a Valentine’s Day-related activity. Any suggestions? I’m scouring pinterest . . .

13 thoughts on “Secretos de Belleza [Beauty Secrets]

  1. Beauty tip: Figure out your favorite accessory – a scarf, a big necklace, the cardigan that goes with everything, and keep it on hand to pull out on the days that you don’t feel great. Wearing something you love (and flatters you near your face) will make you shine.

    That and Sugar Rose lip tint. It is light, simple, and quick!

  2. my new favorite makeup product is MAC’s eye paints (http://www.maccosmetics.com/product/shaded/154/344/Products/Eyes/Shadow/Paints/index.tmpl). sounds freaky, i know. i’ve always been a fan of powder eye shadow – who would even think of using something in a tube for your eye color?!? but, then i heard on oprah (ok was a while ago) that white eye shadow was OUT. bummer because i need something light to brighten my dark eyelids up! so, i asked the MAC miracle workers and they suggested bare canvas eye paint. i was scared but, let me tell you, it.is.awesome. it’s all i use on my eyes now and is super easy. check it out!

    also, i am obsessed with my new hair bun screw. all the danes wear buns. i caught on. the best way to throw your hair back in a cute profesh bun is with the bun screw (is that what it’s called?!?! haha. whatever. you get the picture). lovin’ it. (http://www.google.com/imgres?imgurl=http://www.goodyhair.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2010/10/02268-Simple-Styles-Spin-Pin-%C2%A34.99.jpg&imgrefurl=http://www.goodyhair.co.uk/tag/hair-accessories/&h=3870&w=2670&sz=3269&tbnid=5Mj33PElT9Ws5M:&tbnh=90&tbnw=62&zoom=1&usg=__Oe8MJk7GSGqBIeT8IXZB4JlZCz0=&docid=j-Erm-NZHJVatM&sa=X&ei=Qh0VUZ3gDcjyqwHe5ICwAQ&ved=0CD0Q9QEwAQ&dur=429)

  3. Jos, I am with you on the lot ‘o sleep and lot ‘o water! Also, a big fan of the eye lash curler and good mascara!!

  4. I just learned this, and it makes a BIG difference! For curling lashes, I have always just squeezed once at the base of my lashes, but makeup artists apparently do three squeezes: base, middle, and near the tips od the lashes. So much curlier!

  5. So, two quickies from me: 1.) Big hoops – gold, silver or rine stones, you name it. I wear them everyday. Make any kind of outfit feel a little more trendy, hip and feminine.
    2.) Several times a month I’ll just use vaseline on my eyelashes to give them a break from mascara and it also still helps make them glisten despite no make-up. I find a day or two of no mascara helps keep them growing, long and healthy. Love this!

    • Gals, thanks so much for your comments! These are great! (Ash, thanks for calling in the big guns. :)

      I’m especially challenged by all the eyelash tips. I’ve kind of given up on my lashes as not my feature to emphasize . . . especially when Izzy, MT, and my in-laws have lashes to die for.

  6. Thanks for all these tips! My sister recently gave me a tip for helping finger nail polish to set quickly. All you have to do is soak your fingers in an ice water bath for a few minutes, or you can spray pam (the canola oil spray) on them as well. This piece of info was very helpful to me considering my nail polish always smudges within 30 minutes of painting.

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