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Lady in Rojo

As you read that title, I hope the voice in your mind said rojo with a terrible southernized Spanish accent. Row. Hoe.

I opened the ol’ Rosetta Stone (Latin American Spanish version) today and picked up where I left off years ago—no joke, years. And pleasantly I discovered: I’ve gotten better! The lesson was easy, I hadn’t forgotten what the program already covered, and I think my accent has improved vastly.

Improving my Spanish remains on my list of goals, where it’s been every year since our wedding. (And after reading this Slate/Washington Post article, I’m rethinking how I do resolutions. Regarding language learning, the best thing I could do today to work toward my goal would be to schedule a long trip to Mexico.)

Although I’m worlds better than when I started, I know I have worlds to go. Still, progress is encouraging.

I’ve also grown in maturity. Last weekend, DC was overtaken by Inauguration fever, and we attended a gala at the Organization of American States called Fiesta Americana. I was excited to wear a red dress that I bought awhile ago but never had a chance to wear, until this year for a Christmas time wedding, and now, this event. Red is a tricky dress color. You don’t want to be the fast woman at the wedding or something. (This dress is more merlot colored, anyway.) But Inauguration weekend is perfect. America! Patriotism! Red! And beyond that, at this party, Latinos!

fiesta americana

It turned out to be a good choice. Affirmed even by the First Lady.

Last time I wore a red dress with Israel, it didn’t go as well. We were dating, and he invited me to attend another hispanic/latino political type dinner. I thought it would be hilarious to wear a funny sequined red dress when he picked me up, to see his reaction to my idea of appropriate attire for dining with fiery Latinos.

He came to the door and I opened it in my short, scalloped-collar, off-the-shoulder red sequins. After we said hello normally, I immediately practically shouted, “I’M NOT WEARING THIS! HOW COULD YOU THINK I WAS REALLY GOING TO WEAR THIS??”

Didn’t really give the joke enough time to play out. (And I even blamed him for not reacting.) Must’ve been just a little too into the relationship to risk it.

The dress looks like something Lisa Turtle would wear. All of my college roommates and I wore it at one time or another for theme parties, pranks, or when we just wanted to spice up our lives. Too bad I didn’t have the confidence to pull it off one glorious last time!

red dress

This picture makes me shudder. The new red dress wins, don’t you agree!?


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