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Playground Uniform: Frenchie Hat

photo 5

We’re doing our best to get outside for some fresh air every day despite winter and crummy weather. Fortunately, it hasn’t been very wintry lately, and the princesa and I have gotten into the habit of heading to the park after lunch.

Where, by the way, alcohol (including my afternoon martini) is prohibited:

photo 1

Probably my favorite of all Mary Tobin’s cute hats came from my sister-in-law Courtney, who is a closet online shopping fiend. I call it the frenchie hat since it looks vaguely French sailor to me. When she wears it I can’t stop taking iPhone pics.

My view at the bottom of the slide (don’t worry, MT fans, it’s a mini-slide and I spot her the whole time!):

photo 2


photo 3

Standing tall:

photo 4

Do you love it or what? Or do you think she looks like a pirate? Or like Katherine Hepburn or Jo March wearing an old-timey slouchy hat?

Wish I could pull off hats with such panache. . .


I couldn’t find the Frenchie hat online—the brand is Bubele— but here are some similar styles.

And I’m linking up with thescribblepad‘s Little Days.


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