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My Bilingual Sheep

Indulge me in some late Christmas pictures . . . since they are adorable.

nativity play

In December we saw Mary Tobin’s theatrical debut as a sheep in the nativity play. She wasn’t enthusiastic, but at least she wasn’t a lobster. (“There was more than one lobster present at the birth of Jesus??” Name that movie.)

My standard way to participate at our Spanish-speaking church is to help out with the kids, since most of them speak English. I assisted at the rehearsal for their Christmas performance, and was rewarded with a great personal victory. A new little girl who only speaks Spanish was playing the cow. I was trying to get everyone in their places and my baby-level Spanish did the trick! “Mi vaca, ven aca! Ven aca. Sientate.” (“My cow, come here! Come here. Sit.”)

We hope Mary Tobin will be bilingual, and we’re using the One Parent One Language (OPOL) strategy.  Israel speaks to her in Spanish and I speak to her in English. Except sometimes I’ll throw in una frase or two, since I’m pretty much conversational as you can tell from this little story.

Chalk it up in the WIN column!


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