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Monday Motivation: Good job.

Late last Monday afternoon, Mary Tobin and I were out with the stroller in the golden light, and as we headed home, we began passing commuters leaving the office.

My baby girl is very into clapping these days. Oh, to have moments of delight and discovery like she did the day she finally hit those palms together to make a delicious smack. She was startled, then surprised that she could duplicate it, and finally just proud that she was the agent of that terrific noise.

So, on our walk, Mary Tobin clapped for everyone. Some workers looked defeated, some energized. Some were pretty, some plain. Either way, MT clapped, as if to say, “Good job! Good work this Monday! You did it! You got through Monday!”

If today was a manic Monday for you, if you woke up already tired, whether you were on top of your game or falling apart— if you’re reading this, you survived. God loves you, your mama loves you, your dog loves you, and Mary Tobin loves you. Good job.


Our little flapper for Halloween. (We had to choose a cool costume before she’s old enough to request Dora.) Look, she’s happy to see you!

P.S. Are you pumped for the election? I asked Israel what news sources he’d be tracking throughout the day on Tuesday, hoping that I could share his recommendations with you. The answer was too complicated to be worth it, except to say that news will break first on twitter. You can follow him here. And if you have Sirius/XM, we love POTUS, channel 124, particularly Tim Farley’s Morning Briefing. Over and out.


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