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Tips from Ash: the Danes+Travel+Memories

In case you missed it, read part 1 in which we learned, among other things, that “no one overdoes it” in Denmark, style-wise . . . and therefore we’re doomed. Before even arriving in Europe, simply by posting this, I’m already trying too hard. Ah, well.

Ashley Tuite is helping us out with some advice for our trip to Copenhagen, and for traveling in general. This girl has been around the block—and I mean that in the most positive sense—so listen well! Take it away, homeslice…

just the Tuites hanging out in Santorini

Do you have any tips for dealing with “the natives” wherever you’re headed? Did you learn to say hello, goodbye, thank you in each language? What has been most helpful, or has it varied from place to place?

Honestly, since we have traveled so much this year, I haven’t had a ton of time to prepare for each trip as well as I’d hoped. I usually have the flights, hotel, rental car (if necessary), main attractions and restaurants down. We do always learn how to say “thank you” which goes a long way.

Lucky for you, I do know a little about the Danes and can prep you.

Hello is “hej” (pronounced “hi” with the emphasis on the “i”).

Goodbye is “hej hej” (pronounced “hi hi”). True story.

Thank you is “tak” (pronounced “tock”, but I often hear it casually pronounced as “tack”).

Everyone will be over the top nice, once you speak to them. If you pass someone on the street, they will definitely not look at you or smile or say hello and they might not even move over if you are walking in their way. So, watch out for that. But, you will notice that everyone will be very friendly to you once you engage in conversation.

Also, all Danes speaks perfect English with a cute, peppy, cheerful accent. Don’t ask cashiers or even random people you’re speaking with if they speak English. Of course they do, why would you even ask such a thing?

Thanks, homes! I love all this practical advice. And THANK YOU for telling me not to ask the Danes if they speak English. Faux pas averted.

OK. So, when you arrive in a new city, how do you decide where to go and what to do? We watch Anthony Bourdain’s No Reservations, and it seems like he usually goes to the local market first.

Goodness. You have better ideas than I do. Love the idea of following Anthony Bourdain through Europe. And, I totally agree with him about the markets. I’m about to do a few market posts on my blog – I’m crazy about the Euro markets.

We usually follow tripadvisor’s advice. We have not had a bad experience following their reviews yet. While they can err on the touristy side, it’s a great resource for a few days in a city and will absolutely put you in better places than if you simply walked around and found a restaurant or followed the city tour bus’s route (which most people do!).

You’ve done an outstanding job of recording your travels through your pictures and blog. Any advice on that, or on how to balance experiencing and enjoying with recording and remembering?

Thanks homes! I am so glad I’ve documented our travels. While at times I would have rather written about other happenings in the world or in our lives, I already love having the recorded memories to flip through on a rainy day.

In terms of balancing experiencing with remembering, I think you can easily do both. I took my camera with me everywhere and tried to document a lot of our travels. It’s a fun and easy way to remember what you’ve seen. At night, I jot down a brief outline of the things we did that day. It helps me remember what we did on action packed trips so I can blog about it later rather than miss out on the experience at the time.

So what’s your favorite blog post that you’ve done this year? Was it on the favorite place you visited, or do those not correlate?

That’s tough. I think my favorites are:

Our favorite memories have not been specifically seeing a beautiful new place or exploring something exotic (though those have been great). It’s been the times where we have really connected with a culture or have shared an experience with friends or family. We have loved living in Europe but it’s definitely caused us to hold tightly to what’s most important.

So, on that note: get here!

Hooray! Turn on the hyggelige for us! For the record, the Eiffel Tower post was also one of my favorites. Cracked me up. Thanks for sharing your rockstar self with the world! See you soon!

(!!!) [I promise to be better at playing it cool during our visit. Glad to see you out, homes.]


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