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Tips from Ash: Copenhagen+Fall Fashion+Travel

Today I’m giddy, stressed, and highly caffeinated, because at the end of the week Israel-bear and I are going on a big adventure. Our dear friends Ashley and Tyler are living in Copenhagen for the year; i.e., living the dream and traveling all around Europe and beyond. Getting some work done, too, I’m sure. And we’re going to visit! I’m all amped up and nervous about the trip, so Ash has been talking me through things, and she’s agreed to let me share with y’all some of her hard-earned Euro travel advice—17 countries and counting!

You should check out her blog, Getting Accustomed Tuite. (Their last name is Tuite. To it. Get it? You can thank Ashley’s dad Branch for that gem!) I have absolutely loved following along in their lives this year through Ashley’s photos and writing.

So, listen in on my conversation with Ashley as we talk nordic fashion and packing, and check in tomorrow for the rest of her travel advice. (One more background item: Ashley and I call each other “homes,” as in homeslice, homey. Not sure why. Just don’t call her “Ash hole” even though that is one hilarious pun.)


Help! I have Copenhagen Fashion Anxiety. What do we need to know? Does everyone wear black? Can Israel wear a puffy vest and other preppy clothes?

Here’s the rub, homes: The Danes are far cooler than I will ever be, so I’ve kind of given up.

But, since you’re much more capable than me, here are a few fashion observations so far this fall. Most girls are wearing leggings or very skinny jeans with baggy, neutral-toned sweaters or blouses, boots, and a dramatically chunky, knit scarf. I’ve seen lots of high buns, pops of color with sassy shoes or bags, lots of ombre and color-blocking. Hipster-esque but still fashionable. No one overdoes it with a funky, bright anthro top or dress and forgettable everything else. It’s a subtle, the-whole-package type of style.

I pretty much epically fail every day. But, I can’t afford funky Danish clothes and I don’t think I have enough Nordic swag to pull it off. You, on the other hand, have blonde hair so you might just fit in.

Here are a few images via pinterest to give you an idea.

Source: alixrose.com via Ashley on Pinterest

Source: zara.com via Ashley on Pinterest


Another thing to keep in mind, it’s much cooler here than in the US. We’re full-fledged fall at the moment. And, the seasons are not fickle here, unlike DC. There’s virtually no chance we will have a day in the 70s, or even high 60s. I still think it’s not that cold and know you can get by on sweaters and a light jacket, but others have said I’m too used to the temperature here. So, layer up! And, bring a rain coat. It will rain. For sure.

Do not worry about the weather, by the way. It’s kind of romantic and it’s when Denmark’s magic comes out. One word: “hyggelige”.

Izzy can totally wear a puffy vest. I see lots of puffy jackets here, especially in the winter. Preppy clothes? At his own risk.

Only kidding. We had a friend walk into Christania (look it up) with a pink polo and darker pink sweater tied around his shoulders and he stood out like a sore thumb. But, no one cared. People are totally chill in good ol’ Danmark.

So glad you told me this! Let’s be real, my closet is full of the Anthro-like statement pieces you described. Shoot. I’m going to tone it down. But get ready for “aggressive” (read: bright and preppy) American fashion from Izzy.

In your vast travels this year, have you picked up any amazing tips and strategies as you pack or prepare for a trip? Like only bringing clothes in the same color palette so they’ll all mix and match? Please share your secrets.

Maybe you should be the one giving me tips here? That’s a great idea. I would definitely try that – especially for the fall when you need so many layers.

My best advice is to pack light and re-wear clothes. It’s much more enjoyable to navigate airports and metros and cab rides if you’ve packed light. Unfortunately for you, you’re bringing hair products, bags, pumpkin puree, leggings – you know, the US treasures that I need. Hopefully it won’t weigh you down too much. [TAK, for real, homes!!]

You’re welcome! But OK, I’m about to go unpack and repack my bag and try to get rid of half my clothes . . .

[conversation to be continued . . . ]


5 thoughts on “Tips from Ash: Copenhagen+Fall Fashion+Travel

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  2. LOVE the look! I’m into all things “Danish”…which might explain why MY look is more “expansive” than YOURS, you young things’! How ’bout this: it may be cheaper to shop in Copenhagen than here…even with the exchange rate. SO…maybe you can snag some looks/separates at sale prices while you’re on your adventure! Take basic leggings, boots, scarves and get the tops there. Love you Josie-homie!

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