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Call me Fishmael.

Breakfast at Tiffany’s. Source: stellaholiday.blogspot.com via Josie on Pinterest

Hey, internet friends, what do you think?

It’s fall, and we’re looking forward to all those nice fall-y feeling things. Israel and I brainstormed over lunch this week, and he’s specifically looking forward to:

    • college football
    • tailgating
    • pumpkin beer
    • pumpkin anything
    • delicious air
    • sweaters
    • getting out his Patagonia fleece
    • romantic comedies that feel appropriate to autumn, such as St. Elmo’s Fire and Breakfast at Tiffany’s

It’s also about time to switch out clothes and little house items, like putting away the summer table cloth and getting out that delicious candle. BUT we have a dilemma. “Fishmael” is our gurgling cod from last summer’s New England vacation, possibly my favorite souvenir I’ve ever purchased. (We obviously had to choose Nantucket Red.) Does he stay or does he go?

Here’s Fishmael in his native habitat:

[Let’s take a moment, not for silence, rather for loud appreciation of Mama Rote’s handiwork on those shelves during her last visit! I had the vision; she handled the execution. Here’s the before; the cabinet on the right:

Note well: this metamorphasis took place only during times when Mary Tobin was asleep. And, these cabinets are heavy as the dickens, so we didn’t budge them to paint. When we move, we’ll have to paint the three remaining sides.

We lined the back with wallpaper (from a Washington Design Center sale) and used Annie Sloane chalk paint, which lived up to its rep of being nice and easy. The color is a mix of Duck Egg and French Linen that we dubbed “French Duck Linen” or “French Egg” or “Linen Duck” . . .  shall I go on?]

What do you look forward to for fall? I hope you’re pulling out the blankets, sprucing up the nest to make it nice and cozy, and enjoying the cool breeze through your windows.

More importantly, if you had a gurgling cod pitcher that brought an awesome glug-glug sound to the water glasses at your summer dinners, and—let’s be clear—undeniably reminds you of summer and whaling in Nantucket, would you let him stick around through the cold months? Or are some things made even more special through their absence? Again I ask you. Does he stay or does he go?

12 thoughts on “Call me Fishmael.

  1. You know, don’t let this influence you too much, but my chartreuse gurgling fish pitcher is displayed proudly on my new bar tray, complete with wine and rocks glasses. Just sayin… (Glub glub, says my pitcher)

  2. fishmael stays!! and, LOVE the shelves, homes. incredible! can you and mama rote re-decorate our apt when we move back?

    btw, get here already! and, get ready for the hyggelige, cozy, wonderfulness of copenhagen!

  3. I vote for Fishmael to stay through fall; a pumpkin or gourd could be happy next to his orangy-redness. He could take a break over the Christmas holidays and return in the spring and summer.

  4. Rachel and I have approximately five gurgling cods. Two minis (courtesy of you guys!) and 3 large. They will never be put away. In fact, we’ve considered getting more minis to use as Christmas tree ornaments.

  5. I vote for him to stay, too! Fishmael would look great filled with holly and tied up in ribbon for Christmas. The shelves look fabulous! Kudos to MLR. Who knew she could decorate on top of her many other talents? :)

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  7. Fishmael stays……he’s a classic, which is always in style and never seasonal, unless of course he was in seersucker! The shelves look fantastic.

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