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Hey girl, it’s politics.

At the RNC: Israel with our favorite Sirius/XM host, Tim Farley of POTUS Radio

Are you keeping up with convention and election news?

I enjoy talking politics and policy (and have been known to get more than a little worked up about it), but I’ve lived in the DC area long enough to be somewhat jaded. When one too many cutthroat opportunists has asked “Who do you work for?” and handed me his or her business card—on those days, at least—it can be better to take politics at an angle.

For example, I really liked this Richard Haass piece in The Washington Post, giving us a little update on international relations through the lens of gold, silver, and bronze medals at the Olympics: “What the Olympics medal count says about who runs the world.”

A supervisor at one of my first internships made a disparaging remark about people whose main news sources are the late night comedians. Um… guilty! Better than nothing, I say. So, when all else fails, I check out Politico Playback, the mash-up of Letterman, Colbert, et al. ripping on the politicians and discussing the news of the day. (Click here and select “Playback” under “Browse videos.”)

And if you’re not a beltway baby, you may have missed these hilarious political internet memes. Check them out:

Hey Girl, It’s Paul Ryan:

And, let’s be balanced, Texts From Hillary:

Happy politicking!

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