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In the “A for Effort” Department

My mom, arguably, is putting more effort into learning Spanish than I am. And she’s definitely beating me in the cute-clothes-for-my-daughter arena. She and some friends get together regularly with their sewing guru to work on precious clothes for their grandchildren. As you’ll see below, though, her aging mind can only handle so much:

I went to my sewing/smocking lesson the other day and worked really hard. The stuff we were working on was painstaking, and I was really focusing on measuring and counting stitches and getting it exactly right. When I left and started the car, my Spanish lesson CD came on. The guy on the lesson said,

“Let’s say that you come inside on a hot day and see Luisa. Try to say, ‘Good afternoon, Luisa. I want some very cold water if you have any, please.'”

So I took a deep breath and said (drum roll here), “Good afternoon, Luisa. I want some very cold water if you have any, please.” HAHA! Obviously the sewing was more mentally fatiguing than I realized.

Don’t worry, Mama! We appreciate your mental anguish, and we dig the clothes.


One thought on “In the “A for Effort” Department

  1. Yesterday I learned how to say that I don’t have enough pesos for una cerveza. Or maybe I said that I didn’t have a beer to take to the library….

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