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Yesterday marked eight months for the princesa, as well as her first fever. Pobrecita. We battled through.

Since she and I played hooky from church, I took a page from Mama Rote’s book. She used to put on the Jesus video whenever one of us was sick or we stayed home from church for some reason. My grown-up version was listening to this talk from The Gospel Coalition’s recent women’s retreat: In the Temple: The Glorious and Forgiving God (1 Kings 8) by Paige Brown (h/t Kitty Hurdle). The title and scripture reference might sound arcane or boring to you, but the talk was not, at all.

Paige worked at UVa RUF a couple of years that I was there. I love all the little stories, examples, and illustrations she uses. They’re usually funny (and the one at the beginning of this particular talk, involving her mom and an Ole Miss drunk frat boy, was hilarious), but also very effective to illuminate the concept or point she’s explaining—unlike some pastors who tell their joke at the beginning as a matter of course, get the token laugh, and then move on to the substance.

I also watched Gilmore Girls, of course, and have had the song “Fever” in my head for the past 36 hours.

Do you prefer Ella’s:

Or Elvis’ dripping-with-sex version?


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