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Life Imitates Art: A Good Man Is Hard To Find

Flannery O’Connor fans will be happy to know you can get literary with your pedicure:

Currently gracing my toes is OPI’s “A Good Man-darin Is Hard to Find.”

And a good nail color is hard to choose from such a big selection, which is why I always look at the name. The puns usually get me.  (A Good Man-darin is part of OPI’s Hong Kong collection, which also includes Red My Fortune Cookie,  Chop-sticking To My Story, Panda-monium Pink, and Bling Dynasty!)

Do you, too, select your nail color based on the name? And how does one get that job, naming the nail polish? That, my friends, is living the dream.

If you’d like something more substantive, here’s O’Connor herself, reading her most famous story aloud: Open Culture (via The Paris Review). Dig that accent.


2 thoughts on “Life Imitates Art: A Good Man Is Hard To Find

  1. I usually don’t choose nail polish based on the clever name. I reserve ‘choosing based on clever names’ for daylilies that remind me of my family: Dallas Star, Blonde is Beautiful, Izzy Dizzy, O Wahoo are in my flower bed with Colorado Blue Eyes and Pennsylvania Pal on my wish list. But today I had my toes done and I chose ‘Senorita Rose-alita.’ They say there’s a first time for everything!

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