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Shalom, Y’all

While Israel toured around Israel this past week (yes, the country), the baby princess and I took the opportunity to enjoy our own exotic trip to Memphis.

He ate wonderful, fresh food:

[At a winery in the Golan Heights.]

And so did we:

[Fresh organic squash, harvested by my brother Ben.]

He saw new things:

[Jesus might have yelled at the money changers in the temple here. No big deal.]

So did we:

[The Memphis Greenline with Uncle Ben.]

Rather than go on with the comparison, I’ll fuse our two experiences into song for you:

One time Memphian Johnny Cash is inspired by his own travels in the Holy Land. I love this song. Listen, and watch the San Quentin prisoners’ reactions.

A lesser person would be bitter about the difference in our two trips, don’t you think?

More pics of Israel–the man and the country–on his instagram feed here. More pics of Memphis and the princesses on mine, here. (Though honestly I didn’t do anything particularly Memphis-y except listen to BB King’s duets album while driving out to J. Crew and Anthro.)

Shalom, y’all!


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