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An Unfathomable Miracle

Friends, I know it’s over now and Mother’s Day has been facebooked, tweeted, blogged to death. I just wanted to share two of the old pics my mom sent me last week in preparation for my first Mother’s Day:

OK, and one thought! These make me wonder about how my mom’s mind must be blown that I’m a mom now. I cannot imagine Mary Tobin being big enough to drive (“But her legs are too short,” a friend observed at dinner Saturday night), much less being a mama. I do believe it’s a miracle, the way this works. And wise of God that I can’t grasp the magnitude of my task . . . we need to take it one stage, one day, one hour at a time.

Some links in honor of mamas out there:

Revisiting a few old posts:


3 thoughts on “An Unfathomable Miracle

  1. The terrible and wonderful thing about reading blogs for me is clicking on links. I love link clicking; I’m addicted. But the combination of ‘Noona’ and ‘To the Mother of One Child’ is so good that I’m not sure it can be topped! Tina Fey’s prayer was just the icing on the cake! A late Happy Mother’s Day to all!

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