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Lay Baby Lay

Mary Tobin’s nursery, if it had a theme, would be a schizophrenic unwieldy bizarro combination of Southern Belle, British Empire, Americana. With some Spanish Colonial/Aztec. And don’t forget a dash of 30s Hollywood Glam/Flapper/World War 2 Rosie the Riveter. Plus Paris. And Appalachia.

Enter this adorable blog, Lay Baby Lay, which is all about nurseries. My favorites are all her style boards.

Israel would like:

For Liz and Chris: i hope the baby lion sleeps tonight (here’s the girl version) or cute little monster.

For Taylor and James (navy!):

Anna Kate and Nate: stargazing little scientist and wee little bairn. (Nate, I know you’re Irish, not Scottish. I always mix them up though. And Annie’s got some Scottish so it counts.) And incorporate bird dog baby (her commentary on this made me laugh)—it’s got flannel!

Elizabeth and Bernie’s future daughter: combine mini flower bomb and orient express (OK, it’s more for Elizabeth than Bernie).

Mary Stafford’s future son: the little engine that could.

Inspired by movies or books:

I also like pink and navy and parasol perfect and pocketful of watercolor posies.

Mmmk so I’ve linked to almost all her boards by now. Should’ve just let you sort through! Which do you like? And now that I’ve done this, I may email her to ask for recommendations to evolve with this gal:

Theme: princesa mexicana!

3185c85d91a4c598e6e076b5e5fd98e8MT’s nursery centerpiece Woman From Michoacan; Source: flickr.com via Josie on Pinterest

5 thoughts on “Lay Baby Lay

  1. Thanks for the suggestions, Josie! I LOVED the camo suggestion–right on, my friend. This post made me laugh so much–you really had fun with this one.

  2. OMG
    The real question is: do you want to have the coolest nursery theme ever? Then use the force, Josie.

  3. amazing! I, literally, think you are brilliant. probably would go with your suggestions. i’m actually trying to find a world map to cover one wall of corban’s room. trying to make an international baby over here. corban sends his love to mary tobin.

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