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Guest Post: Spring Movie Reviews

Take it away, Mama Rote:

Since it was Spring Break for U of M this week, Kyle and I participated by going to several movies associated with the Oscars. We started off with The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo. Kyle was particularly interested in it because of Rooney Mara. She was nominated for an Academy Award for one thing, and he was interested because of the NFL connection. (And it was playing at the bargain theater.) She’s a member of the Mara family that owns the Giants and named for one of her grandfathers who is one of the Rooneys who own the Steelers. So Kyle wanted to see Rooney Mara. Well. Now we can say that we have seen Rooney Mara. All of Rooney Mara. More of Rooney Mara than we ever thought about wanting to see. Still, her performance was amazing. But a pretty bleak movie overall. More details can be provided on request.

Next we saw Undefeated. It won an Oscar for Best Documentary; it’s about the Manassas High School football team and their 20l0 season. It’s very well done and mostly very moving. In one sense, it was also bleak. Even though the team did have a winning season in 2010, and two of the players from that team did go on to college at Southern Mississippi – one to play football, and one who did not play football – the team overall did not make dramatic turnarounds in their lives. The neighborhood in North Memphis was/is still full of unemployment and poverty and hopelessness. But for a period of time, the group of guys on the team had something positive to focus on; and maybe for two young men, the cycle might be broken.

Last we saw The Artist. Jean Dujardin won the Oscar for Best Actor. It was very different and made us think of Singing in the Rain: a charming star of silent movies bumps into a pretty, young struggling actress and is charmed by her, but later he has trouble transitioning to talkies. We enjoyed the movie, but we had a couple of chuckles during the previews. Most of the audience was even more senior citizens than we are (of course we were in a matinee), and after a preview of The Iron Lady we heard a woman say, “Coming Soon?! I thought that’s what we were here to see.” Then there was a preview for a movie called The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel. The preview ended with a woman saying to an older man, “Don’t you know sex at this age could be dangerous?” and he replies, “Well, if she dies, she dies.” I just laughed out loud, because that was the punch line to one of your Grand-Daddy Lykins’ favorite jokes. He liked to tell it and make Mamacella smack him on the arm and say, “Ray!!”

what do you think?

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