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Wizard People, Dear Reader

I haven’t seen the latest, last Harry Potter movie—I fell off the movie train (Hogwarts Express?) awhile ago—but I do love HP and wanted to share a couple of related items.

From Sunday’s Washington Post, John Granger argues in “Imagining a world without Harry Potter” that Rowling’s series rescued reading, not to mention the book business, for generations to come, restoring plot and meaning for the novel in the same way Inklings Tolkien and Lewis rescued it from James Joyce. To me, that is a great thing.

But my true intention today is to share with you a rather different style of literary criticism, or tribute. I give you Wizard People, Dear Reader.

It. Is. So. Funny. To me.

Click for video of a random chapter.

In order to enjoy Brad Neely’s bizarro version of the first movie—yes, he does the whole movie—I think you need to be a bit familiar with the Harry Potter storyline. Who knows. It may depend on whether or not you’re a Potter-lover, how much caffeine you’ve had today, your degree of boredom with your job/life, the iron levels in your blood.

Give ‘er a whirl and let me know what you think!


One thought on “Wizard People, Dear Reader

  1. Chapter 14 popped up for me – not really sure what I think about Mystery Science Theater 3000 and Cheap Seats meet Harry Potter. But I haven’t had any caffeine today!

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