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Tina Fey: Icon of Motherhood

You like panels? Click for video.

I’m taking in a lot of advice and information on motherhood.  So far the best is from Uncle Steve: Ask a lot of people for advice, then do what you want.

Tina Fey’s mother’s prayer from Bossypants is another real winner.

Anna Kate (among many others) recommended Fey’s hilarious autobiography and loaned it to me. I ate it up in about two days, staying up late the first night, laughing out loud and poking Israel in the ribs so he could appreciate the part about Fey at UVa. He didn’t appreciate it like I did, since he didn’t go there, and he was asleep just a moment earlier. I finished the book the next night, while Izzy was being a productive human being spending some QT with his mentee Felix.

Sidebar: Felix is the best. He’s so curious about things, like why do we have seasons?, and he loves lizards and science. Also, whenever he’s eaten dinner that I made, he says it’s the best chicken (or, insert specific food name here) he’s ever had. I love hanging out with him when they let me tag along, and it gives me a nice preview of Israel as a dad. Felix is 12, though, and truth be told, Izzy would rather have a kid fully formed and given to him, so they can talk and throw the baseball . . . so we’ll see how the newborn situation goes.

Though I don’t identify with a whole lot of her life story, I adore Tina Fey and her fearless honesty. As when she discusses being a working mom dealing with the babysitter, then confesses that though she refers to this person as a babysitter, she’s a full-time child care provider and the more apt word is nanny. But nanny gives Tina race anxiety and class anxiety.

The book was an excellent break from What to Expect and BabyCenter.com. The pregnancy reading can be rawwwther dry. I actually prefer the book for expectant dads Aunt Kace sent Israel, which admirably tries to engage the men and put things in a way they’ll understand.

On the second month of pregnancy: “It probably won’t be obvious that your partner is pregnant at this time, but if she was a celebrity in People or US Weekly, there might be a photo pointing to a possible baby bump.”

That’s not a direct quote, but it’s the gist, and it really made me laugh.

On that note, here are some pics from the past few months when I was too miserable to share (or “miz” as my friend Kacks–not her full name–likes to say!):

Easter morning breakfast–I was so proud I took a picture.

Easter 2011. Izzy passes along many life lessons to Felix, including his mantra:

“When in doubt, prep out.”

June 2011. Dudes kicking back at UVa Reunions weekend in Cville.

Please just ask if you ever want me to do some photoshop work for you.

This last one is from Mom’s visit, close to the nadir of my misery, and I’ll share a little more about that next time.

Mom, in many ways you’re far superior to Tina Fey and Amy Poehler.


4 thoughts on “Tina Fey: Icon of Motherhood

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  2. Nice backyard!!! Miss you guys, and glad to see that you’re continuing to blog about your ideals after a leave of absence from the blogosphere.

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