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Not A Regular Mom, A Cool Mom.

Friends, you know how richly Mean Girls has impacted my life.  Truly the gift that keeps on giving–I never could have foreseen what it means to me now:

Click for video.

What I’m telling you is that I’m a mama!  Baby O, AKA the cub, will join us sometime in November.

Israel and I are pumped, but I’ve felt like garbage the past couple of months (sorry for not blogging). I think the energy is coming back now, though . . . I’ve been running errands, buying clothes, paying bills, getting keys copied! What an exciting life.  Israel’s been in Maine this weekend, so in addition to accomplishing the aforementioned, I’ve obviously been watching a BBC mini-series.

So I hope to post more frequently, but in the mean time I hope you’re enjoying Memorial Day.  PLEASE look at these “Coming Home” pictures on Pioneer Woman today, honoring the military and their families.  I cried.  Let’s be honest, I’ve been crying at the drop of a hat lately, but this time it wasn’t completely hormone driven.

Let’s count our blessings.


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