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How to Move Without Freaking Out

Easy answer: don’t move.

Mom’s advice (is really an excuse for family history.  “Plot exposition. Has to go somewhere.”  Name that movie.)

We were not a great family of movers; [. . .specifics about who moved and when: not much on my mom’s side; more on Dad’s side–especially his maternal grandparents, Nano and Gandy.]  They lived in north Texas and San Antonio and Port Aransas and Corpus and Port La Vaca (the port of the cow?).  [. . .]  GrandBetty never gave me moving advice, but Nano had a few words to say about it.

She said one (and by that, she meant me) should always sweep and/or vaccum. Thoroughly.   Wipe the baseboards.  (Aunt Reba would say that’s good, because they’ll never be wiped again!)   Line the kitchen shelves.  SCRUB the bathroom.  PUT IN A NEW TOILET SEAT (her biggest rule).   Check for spiders and scorpions (scorpions probably not a problem in Alexandria) in the closets and under the kitchen sink; also a big rule.  She had some more, I think, but that’s what I remember.

The advice reveals some interesting generational gaps.   Nano’s generation (my great-grandmother): wipe the baseboards.   Aunt Reba (my great-aunt; my grandmother’s generation): yes, wipe the baseboards because you’ll never clean them again!   Mom: emails me advice about wiping baseboards, but really it’s a take-it-or-leave-it bit of advice.   My generation: I’m not positive about what baseboards are.

The end.  I’m living in piles of boxes.  I hate moving; HOWEVER, I did not pour a beer on Israel’s head, which is what Mama Rote did to Dad when they moved one time.  I’ll tell you about it soon.

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