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Email from Mom

To all her kids.

Subject: Important information for the future

Today is chilly and gray and damp, so we have just been hanging around here doing some odds and ends of paperwork and watching tv. We happened upon a marathon on the DIY Network about a newlywed couple in New York, Fred and Natasha,  building their dream cabin in the Catskills. We’ve watched about 6 episodes of it, and everything possible has gone wrong: burglary, floods, 27″ snowstorms, improper workmanship, confrontations with a neighbor, zoning problems, etc. We just watched our last episode which teased us about the impending disaster in the next episode: a visit from Natasha’s parents! Will they be horrified by the state of the cabin? They MUST finish it before Mom and Pops get there!

So Kyle and I looked at each other and said, “I hope none of our kids ever feels that way! We would just pitch in and help work on whatever needs to be worked on.” So I said, “I’m going to send an email and tell all of them so they’ll know.” So now you know. Except I would like a working toilet if at all possible. But if it isn’t…

Love you.


PS – If you noticed that Courtney is a new addition to the email list, hooray for you. Except that I’m not 100% sure that it’s correct, so you might want to hold off using until we’re sure.

Mom, you are the cutest.  I don’t know why you sign your emails to me with your initials.  But I love your emails.

Other readers, I know you like to hear from Mama Rote more than from me probably anyway.  I’m using material from her because it’ s entertaining and it’s easy!  And I’m stressed because we’re moving to a new apt. this weekend!  Yikes.  Maybe I’ll live-blog the move.  But don’t hold your breath.


3 thoughts on “Email from Mom

  1. Moving blog – great idea!

    I left out the swarms of bees and huge cost overruns on Fred and Natasha’s cabin.

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