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Thoughts, redux

Mom generously shared with me responses to each of my thoughts in this post (via email because of length, even though she has learned to comment like a champ!).   I love all her input,  but I’ll just share part of her response.  It includes her own mini-review and makes interesting leaps from one subject (The Coach Blog) to another (Little Lights people saying “I see you”).  It’s amazing how the mind works.

In my mind, the Coach thought connects with the Little Lights thought.  Your dad and I have started to love watching Parenthood. Four adult children and their families live in close proximity to (and even with) their parents, the Bravermans, who are played by Bonnie Bedelia and Craig T. Nelson (Coach).  After we recovered from the distress of actors who are pretty much our contemporaries having teenage grandchildren, we really started to enjoy the show.  (The adult daughter who lives at home with Mom and Dad Braverman is Lauren Graham of Gilmore Girls.)  In one story line, Mom and Dad go to counseling for a number of reasons – one of which is that Dad never really takes her and her needs seriously.  The counselor gives him the tool of saying, “Camille, I hear you.  I see you.”  Somehow, your dad got the idea that this might be a helpful tool for him, also.  Not really that helpful, but it does make me laugh a little.  Sometimes.

Another case of life imitating art.  I also enjoy Parenthood, but I’m not consciously getting my relationship counseling from the show.  But hey,  Mom and Dad have been married for a long time, so I won’t question their methods.

[I must say, the mind reels.  Name that movie.]


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