I hope you’re feeling the love this Valentine’s Day week.  Don’t you love extending holidays?  I do.

Here are my movie recommendations for a romantic day/date/any old time:

  • Casablanca

  • The Philadelphia Story
  • Adventures in Babysitting (bit of a dark horse for this category, but I love it.)
  • Robin Hood— the Disney version where they’re foxes.

Other romantic ideas:

  • Some of the Little Lights kids on love. . . be still my heart.
  • I would’ve bought this chair for Israel for v-day if I had more cash on hand (that’s a campaign phrase leaking into my normal lexicon. . . DC’s getting to me, man).  Anyway, I think it’s very romantic and masculine.
  • Handwritten notes. . . no link, just write one.

THE RING I will not be going to Jared, you’re welcome.

Close second:

I CAN’T Time my airport pickup so you see me standing like an emo statue at the top of the escalator but I’ll be there, somewhere. Airports confuse me.

This one’s sweet:

WHEN IT’S COLD I’ll pump the gas, you can chill in the car.

Also, this is brilliant.  Might be my new marriage philosophy:

THE TV Joint decision, but we can throw each other bones every now and then.


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