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Thanks for reading my blawg. . . sometimes it don’t make no sense.  And many times, I go awhile without posting.  I’m trying to post more often to please you, dear reader, but also for my own enjoyment.  So today I have some follow ups and mini-reviews.

  • The Avett Brothers (whom I recommended here) graced the cover of Garden & Gun this month.  (Ergo, I have good taste.)

  • Here’s a post from Roger Ebert on why 3D is no good.  I agree and I hate 3D a lot.
  • The best thing in the Washington Post this past Sunday was from the kids’ section: America’s Attic.  It’s about all the fascinating items in storage at the Smithsonian (only 2 percent is displayed at a time!).  A new item is featured on the Smithsonian website every week, under Smithsonian Spotlight.
  • Which reminded me of Elizabeth’s recent post on Long to Love about  cleaning out her childhood closet.  Like her, I would find some lonely overalls, and I would surely find notes that are horrifying and embarrassing, friendship bracelets, postcards from camp, and a cheesehead.  Go, Pack, Go!  (Also, I love her encouragement to take time for remembrance, which I wrote about here and kind of here.)
  • Speaking of sports, let me recommend The Coach Blog.  Like its author, I didn’t really watch that show.  His recaps crack me up though.  (Hat tip, brother John.)

The title of this post came from the subject line of emails that Elizabeth and I used to send full of random unrelated items.   Israel and I do that now, too, though lots of times the title is “reminders” and it’s a honey-do list.  Either way, thanks friends, for receiving my thoughts!  (As we say at Little Lights, “I see you!”)


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