War Movies

As a gal growing up with three [smelly, rough, sharp-elbowed] brothers,  I took in my share of James Bond and John Wayne  movies.  (Favorites, respectively: The Living Daylights and Rio Bravo, followed closely by McLintock.)  I can HANDLE the guy movies!

So today I’d like to comment on two heavier war movies I’ve seen recently.

1.  Full Metal Jacket

I didn’t enjoy this one.  Nor did I turn it off.  (To be honest, turning it off wasn’t an option, since this movie night came in a shrewd trade in which Israel agreed to watch Romancing the Stone or Cool Hand Luke.)  I certainly prefer Vincent D’Onofrio in Adventures in Babysitting

But you know, Stanley Kubrick has something fascinating going on here, telling the story of Viet Nam, and I didn’t quite want to leave.   Along with our main character (who says, “Something about the duality of man, sir!” when questioned about the peace pin on his uniform and the handwritten “BORN TO KILL” on his helmet), we hate war but are drawn to it; finding it terrible and at the same time weirdly glamorous.

Another example: I feel insane that I find this commercial for a video game awesome. . . I feel so pumped after I watch it.

Can someone tell me why that is?

2.  Gods and Generals

The second movie, which again captures some of war’s terrible beauty, is one of Izzy’s favorite Civil War movies.  It’s a long one, which I watched in two sittings over a three day weekend, so be sure you’re neither too sleepy nor too energetic before you start.  What fascinated me as Gods and Generals continued was that I found myself increasingly loving Stonewall Jackson.  He’s not played by Brad Pitt or anything, and at the beginning, I couldn’t really get past the civil war beard situation (even though my eldest brother looks like this).

By the film’s conclusion, I was crying and mourning his death, which the filmmakers imply is the primary reason the Confederacy wasn’t ultimately victorious.  

In another heart-rending scene, two units of Irish immigrant soldiers fighting on opposite sides find themselves firing directly against each other. Can’t stand it.

We’re starting to see sesquicentennial (150th) Civil War anniversary articles, events, etc. Link up if you have anything interesting to share!


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