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Every pot has a lid.

(Even this guy.)

Will and Courtney are engaged!

That’s my brother, and the sweet, funny, laid-back, wonderful girl who will put up with him.  As my mom’s grandmother used to say, “Every pot has a lid.”  (She also said, “There’s no accounting for taste.”)

We had a great time celebrating with them in Memphis and Oxford over Christmas.  They will evangelize you about juicing and take you to bars to watch football with Shep Smith.  Courtney and I also bonded over some great music, which I’ll recommend to you today.

Really, I should say, bonded further. . . I’ve always liked her.  When coworkers asked if I liked my brother’s fiancee, I explained that it was not so much an issue of liking her, but one of whether she herself was actually willing to commit to my brother, who sports a Civil War era-style beard, uses the bed of his pickup as a trash receptacle, and engages in various other odd behaviors.  I’m not saying all odd behaviors are bad, and Will certainly has redeeming ones.  This is how he identifies himself when calling my husband: “This is your brother-in-law.  Not the one who sells tight men’s pants.”

But the music. . . allow me to recommend to you The Avett Brothers (not that these guys are a big secret anymore, and not that I’m any expert).  Here’s a good one to start with:

Will You Return?

Do yourself a favor and give it a listen.  Just try not to dance. . . if you can prevent yourself, you may want to double check that your heart and soul are still in place.

Here’s another:  I and Love and You

From now on when I hear these two songs, I’ll remember dancing, twirling, in the near-empty kitchen of Will’s new house at 3am with two of my brothers, my husband, my sister-in-law to be. . . one of life’s beautiful moments.

What are the songs on your life’s playlist these days??

Congrats, Courtney and Will!


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