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How to Dress Like Daisy Buchanan

Not all the time you understand, but it’s fun to draw inspiration sometimes from a certain style icon. . . today: the flapper.   You need:

  • long necklaces

  • some sparkle

    I do love Robert Redford.

  • some kind of fabulous close-to-the-scalp hat, or perhaps a feather.

Zelda and Scott Fitzgerald

That’s it!  A short, straight dress helps too.  Mamacella sewed me a flapper dress for Halloween when I was three or four years old, using a slip and rows of white fringe, and it was my favorite!  Mom, do you have a picture of that?

Here are a few of my more recent attempts:

I purchased this hat at a horse race in Middleburg, VA this spring. The definition of an impulse buy! I love it, but I never wear hats!

Feather headpieces at Girls' Night

What I wore to Julie's wedding, sans towel turban. I'm no Auntie Mame! Yet.

We subscribe to a handful of magazines. . . one of them  is Vogue. . . Israel’s Christmas gift to me, to satisfy a visual need I have, and I like to pretend I’m high fashion sometimes.  Unless it’s too early in the morning, getting dressed can be such a creative outlet. . . especially when you don’t have money to buy new clothes and have to “shop your closet.”  (How sick are you of seeing that phrase in all these recession fashion/lifestyle articles the past couple years?  Oh, you haven’t seen it?  You’re too good to read fashion/lifestyle articles??  Well it’s there and it’s depressing!  And now I’ve used it myself!)

So Vogue recently drew my attention to an exhibit at the Met in NYC called American Woman: Fashioning a National Identity, which runs through August 15th. (I can’t believe I’m going to miss it!  Please go if you possibly can!) Fortunately, they’ve provided video. . . some of these dresses are so fabulous I don’t know what to do with myself.

The exhibit documents several archetypal American women, 1890s through 1930s: The Heiress, The Gibson Girl, The Bohemian, The Patriot and the Suffragist, The Flapper, The Screen Siren.  (I liked seeing how they interpreted the mannequins’ hair and headpieces!)

Though this post has been about channeling the Flapper, I think most often I love the Screen Siren of the 30s.  Which do you feel like being today??


3 thoughts on “How to Dress Like Daisy Buchanan

  1. wow i love this post. Especially the picture of you in the hat. Josie you are a modern Daisy Buchanan of sorts. I think you should fully embrace that style and let your inner Daisy come out on a daily basis.

  2. I think I feel like being The Flapper today – although The Patriot and The Suffragist got shorted, I think.

    I loved the soundtracks on the video.

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