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One for the fellas. Captain Papa style.

K R j r, original man of mystery and je ne sais quoi

Happy Father’s Day to all you daddies out there!  I love this card by Dude and Chick (via Cup of Jo, again) for the manly men in your life:

Brother Will and Nathaniel P, I hereby give this card to you, virtually.  Israel, you are rugged and manly as well, but you don’t look like this.  So I found a different one for you:

But now let’s recognize the dad who deserves this card (after his wedding quip, “My job is to pay up, shut up, and show up”):

Hehe!  Not only was Dad so generous regarding my wedding (his idea to go all out with the band), but he was so excited!

He loves and welcomed the new guy into the family.

I didn’t witness this, just heard stories in the aftermath, but he ran around manically at the reception, talking with everyone, making jokes, and match-making.  (Though he could not be deterred, I don’t think any lasting matches were made.)  He wanted everyone to share the joy.

[No picture evidence of this, so I’ll just show what I consider to be a handsome pic of Dad.  Look closely though and you can see the wheels turning in his mind. . . all those happy couples he’d bring together later that evening. . . ]

He danced!

And danced!

And, as Will alluded to in an unforgettable rehearsal dinner toast involving beach planes and banners, there’s no doubt about how much Dad loves me.  He’s never failed to let me know.

I love you, too, Dad!

Recommended Father’s Day reading/viewing (that is to say, shameless plugs):


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