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The Details, or Happy Mother’s Day!

We all know Mama Rote ranks up there with the best of the best.

As I peruse wedding photos I’m reminded again and again of how giving, fabulous, fun, reasonable, smart and all-around awesome she is.  As Mother of the Bride, she represented the perfect balance of listening and processing what I wanted (and making it happen!), and taking care of the rest beautifully.

I wanted candles, tons of light and candles.

And for reasons I don’t fully understand, I was extremely particular about invitations and other paper products, and I cried over calligraphy.  Mom was there!

In other areas I was less particular (which is not to say I wouldn’t have been upset if things were ugly!).  Regarding flowers, for example, I had few requests.  I fully trusted Mom’s (and Beth’s) taste and greenest of thumbs–  and I loved the flowers.

aisle flowers

No detail went unnoticed.  Mom did not let the no-dress-socks breach of etiquette go unresolved.

white socks

I don’t recall the small bottles of tabasco or shrimp at the reception, but this picture proves they were there.  And the groom’s dessert table to represent NYC! . . . Mom oversaw all of this and made sure it happened.

If you speak with her, she’ll give credit to Mona Dunlap, everyone at Christ Methodist, Deedra Stone, The Peabody, etc.  I’m not saying she baked the wedding cake or used flowers from her garden. . . but were any of those folks at the grocery store at 2am in pajama pants after the wedding reception???  I don’t think so.  She knows what I’m talking about.

She made the beautiful details happen and the quirky details happen. . . check out sweet Rachel rocking her Elvis glasses.  Love this picture.  TCB.

Of course the dancing was of utmost importance, and Mom was fully on board for that as well.  She knew above all to relax and enjoy and have a blast!  (It’ll either work out or it won’t.)

Whether or not the calligraphy turned out to be beautiful, and it did, this is why I love you Mama Rote!  Happy Mother’s Day!

[All gorgeous pictures by Phillip Parker Photography!]


5 thoughts on “The Details, or Happy Mother’s Day!

  1. Happy Mother’s Day to Mama Rote! Thanks for being wonderful, for giving birth to sweet Mary Josephine, and for throwing such fabulous parties!

    You are loved by many!

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