Snow Week

Snow snow snow snow SNOW!

When Nightly News with Brian Williams played the audio of this song behind their intro to coverage of one (1) of the east coast blizzards this week, you can be sure that I pointed it out to Israel, who has given me a tough time in the past for my affinity to movies in which “performers will periodically dance about and burst into song.” (Name that movie.)  I felt vindicated.  I believe it’s important to be able to identify musical references in pop culture.

But you know what’s more important?  Friends.

Last weekend we spent some quality time in Kansas City thanking God that we’re so much more attractive now than we were in college.  In reviewing the evidence, I also learned that I had a habit of standing on people’s cars.  I kicked it though.

Thank God again that I made it home on the one day that the DC airports were operating between storms, which is amazing, because otherwise I would’ve missed out on several days of no work/working from home and watching BBC for Scotland mini-series.

In seriousness, we were able to watch some goodies while snowed in this week:

It Happened One NightRoman Holiday is a loose remake of this Best Picture winner of 1934.  In fact It Happened One Night is one of only three movies to win all major Academy Awards: best picture, actor (Clark Gable– sigh), actress (Claudette Colbert– this is what an early 20th century starlet looks like), director (Frank Capra), and screenplay. Crusty reporter encounters spoiled heiress and, in pursuit of a story, helps her run away from Florida to New York.

[Side note: Claudette Colbert’s FABULOUS dress was featured in WashPost Magazine’s weddings issue, in an article about on-screen brides and weddings.  Here’s Ann Hornaday’s article, which was interesting though I don’t agree with everything she says, and here’s an online discussion on movie and tv portrayals of weddings as they relate to feminism and other cultural stuff.]

His Girl Friday– Another movie so fun that it inspired multiple remakes (including The Front Page— oh, Lemmon and Matthau, how you crack me up).  More crusty reporters, more risking relationships to get the scoop.  Cary Grant’s performance prompted Izzy to remark that Grant always plays himself. . . to which I respond– but he’s so good at it!

Being Cary Grant. Rosalind Russell is there too.

Eight Men Out— To balance Cary Grant, we watched this ideal movie for a baseball and history lover like my husband.  I liked it as well.  The 1919 Red Sox, arguably the best team in history, throw the world series.  (You know, it’s what Kevin Costner’s always talking about in Field of Dreams, Shoeless Joe Jackson, etc.)

Hello, younger John Cusack and Charlie Sheen.

All these movies (made or set prior to 1940) prompted us to add these questions to our vocabIs this on the level?  Say, what’s the big idea?  Suppose I told you to scram??

Now we fast forward to that other great era– the eighties.  The famous scene toward the beginning of Risky Business may have made the movie worthwhile, but in hindsight we could’ve turned it off after that point, since I’m not a huge fan of glorifying prostitution and exploiting women as a Young Entrepreneur project.   I’ll go ahead and exploit Tom Cruise’s legs though:

Finally, at Mom’s request, here’s the view from my apartment:

Wait, that’s the view IN my apartment.  (I was trying to get a picture juxtaposing the frigid real outdoors with the balmy conditions at Vaught Hemingway Stadium on the screen.  Xbox is just so amazing!  The lighting and my paltry photog skills wouldn’t allow it though, since it’s so bright outside.)

Here’s outside on Wednesday, midday:

snow out the window

And today (note the pile of snow– there are huge piles up and down the sides of this main street, while side streets are more icy and dicy):

I’m tellin’ ya, it’s on the level!


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