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weird stories

Today I will not review a classic, but instead will tell you about an email I received from my dear friend from UVa, Eliza Joy, AKA the Host.

In the subject line, Eliza Joy wrote, “dream last night. . . bahahah”–so I knew it would be good.

Well, instead of telling you about it, here’s the email:

so, last night i had a dream that your mom had moved in next door to me (though i think i was living in 318 and not here in kc).  as a joke, you and i sent over my friend ryan [last name withheld to protect the innocent] (think cute mountain man with dreadlock-potential hair) with the monkey mask on (prized possession and source of mostly all of our fun in high school) to go up to your mom’s door.  he knocked, said something, ran away…  your mom came over to our house where you and i pretended like we had no idea what she was talking about.  bahahaha.  weirdest dream ever.

I love this dream.  Vague yet specific, with characters and elements from various stages of life, freaky, funny, and disturbing if you’ve ever seen this monkey mask.  Her email came at the perfect time, since I’ve been having and remembering crazy dreams lately (I attribute this to the fact that I often wake up to Rosalita jumping on my dresser to steal my jewelry).

In a dream particularly disturbing to my husband, I was a contestant on The Bachelor (I was one of the cool ones, though!  I didn’t even care about talking to the Bachelor during the pool party we had, especially since in I think this season’s bachelor, Jake, is a tool); one dream featured really random people from high school whom I haven’t seen in AWHILE; and a couple nights ago in my dream I went with some former coworkers from Capitol Hill to a night club on the roof of a garage in a neighborhood that felt like Little Havana.

Thank you, Eliza Joy, for helping me feel like less of a stalker!

Anyone else having odd dreams lately? (Maybe dreams by definition are odd.)

Freaky, man.


2 thoughts on “weird stories

  1. Your husband is not the only one disturbed by dreams about The Bachelor.

    One could ask, “Are there really any cool girls AT the Bachelor pad?!

    Just wondering…

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