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Goodbye forever.

I’m emerging from all banquet all the time– back into the land of the living!

Now I have to catch up on what’s been missed.  People have gotten engaged; things have happened in the news; Halloween evites have gone unanswered; apparently on Grey’s Anatomy there was a fire, and there are people running around in yellow scrubs. . . what’s that all about?

The event went well, though I’d rather not think about the details of it any more for about five hundred years.  I hope to be sleeping normally without dreams of auction items any day now.

I’ll say though, that as miserable as I felt at points in handling all this planning, it’s a privilege to work for a place like Little Lights.  My stress and frustration are nothing compared to some of the things that the LL kids deal with daily, and at such a young age.  A racing mind over a banquet is OK if it’ll help our kids have less stress and more smiles in their days.


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