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dispatches from Africa

Here’s Allison’s post with stories from her trip to Kenya.  There’s another in Mocha Club’s Guest Bloggers section.  Go Al!

  AB in Africa


4 thoughts on “dispatches from Africa

  1. Hey there, I enjoy your blog. I like the Scarlet Pimpernel, so I knew you were of sound reccomendations.

    I found the blog through a bet with my wife: I was trying to convince her of the 7 degress to the Stillers (http://thestillers.blogspot.com/) who are good friends from college. They had friends who knew you, and we have friends who has a friend named Joise. So I said, “See babe, this random person knows Josie, who is Kiva’s best friend.” And she said “I highly doubt it’s the same Josie.” So we bet a 15 minute massage and then I called Matt and Kiva and asked if you were the same Josie.

    I then gave the best 15 min back massage ever.

    Sometime, you should do a review on Jeremiah Johnson.

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