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Summer reading/viewing: Lightning round

I miss the days of summer reading requirements.  Except when the books were no good.

Three books that I’ve enjoyed so far this summer are Anne Perry’s No Graves As Yet (first in her World War I series– have I mentioned I love historical fiction?), Brother Lawrence’s Practicing the Presence of God, and Love Walked In by Marisa de los Santos. 

The latter is a charming story about Cornelia, a somewhat directionless woman who processes her life through the lens of books and movies.  Obviously, this is a great character.  Although she does get involved with a Cary Grant look-alike, Cornelia  finds some purpose when she meets her match in a little girl  (No, not in a man!  Girl power!) who similarly identifies with characters in stories– mostly orphans like Sara Crewe in A Little Princess, Anne Shirley, and the rest.  I very much enjoyed this sweet, quick read.  Great for summer.

As for movies, there have been many, some pretty good, but none that I absolutely love and want to marry.  Here are my random thoughts:

  • Midnight Cowboy — Gritty has become a favorite movie-review word in our house (apartment). This NYC movie is gritty.  Sara and Manuel Ortega watched it on their first date.  Awww!  Sigh.
  • The Apartment — Jack Lemmon is a great actor.
  • Rachel Getting Married — I agree with AK’s assessment that Anne Hathaway is good in this (to my surprise).
  • Last Chance Harvey — Meh.
  • Splendor in the Grass — Hugely depressing. I’d rather watch Natalie Wood in Westside Story and Warren Beatty in. . .  something else.  I don’t think I’ve ever seen another of his movies.  We’ll add Bonnie and Clyde to the queue, and hopefully Warren can be redeemed.
  • Vicky Cristina Barcelona — Love Penelope Cruz. Really interesting discussion movie. I had to discuss it with myself because Izzy went to the other room.

And for the future:  UP! has been recommended by many folks.  Sounds like a great summer flick!  I love the concept of mixing of old and young, both in the story and the viewing audience.  I’d also really like to see Julie & Julia when it comes out.  Don’t fail me, Nora Ephron!  I’m counting on you to complete my summer! 

(Note: I will see this even though my husband has a secret crush on Amy Adams.)

Any thoughts to add?  Questions, comments, personal experiences?  Queries, queries?  (One of my H.S. teachers used to say that: “Queries? Queries?”  And then we would laugh immaturely.)


One thought on “Summer reading/viewing: Lightning round

  1. UP! is also on my list of want-to sees. Highly recommended by several folks.

    Heaven Can Wait is my favorite Warren Beatty movie – It’s a remake of an older movie. Due to a bureaucratic mixup (!), the main character dies too soon and a bumbling angel has to figure out to give him the life he was supposed to have.

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