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How was your weekend?

The Office

Every Monday morning, two colleagues from my department at work and I discuss what we did over the weekend.   Like many people, I generally like to keep the office and my outside “real life” separate, so I’m sometimes not sure what level of sharing is appropriate. (By the way, I’m typing this on a blog post that will be made public to the globe, but that’s different.) Overall though, it’s a nice ritual and it’s nice to have your work friends and things that make the office a little more human.   (Also, who am I to shut out my coworkers and pretend they’re not real people with real problems, joys, sorrows etc?  As much as I would like to. Obviously it’s difficult for me to come to terms with this balance.) 

Anyway, it’s interesting what people say and do to get others to tell their stories.  I like these phrases that Izzy uses:  “What’s the good word?” (what??)  and “¿Como estamos?” (Hope I got it right. Translated: how are we?)

Highs and LowsBut my favorite method is Highs and Lows.  Elizabeth, Eliza Joy and I have used this since the days where we were assigned to a small group together and were really different and didn’t like each other very much.  (I liked them.  I didn’t know about this tension until years later.  Hey, I just try to get along with everyone– no conflict!!)   These days I like to use Highs and Lows, where you go around the circle and share your high and low of the week or the day, with my girls at Little Lights. Sometimes it works beautifully and we flow seamlessly into a conversation about our families, why people fight at school, etc.  Sometimes it fails, when there’s a refusal to participate, or we learn that someone’s low is this very moment, being here at girls night, I don’t want to be here!  And then the worst is when it backfires: my turn comes and I have nothing good to say.

Not so today:  overall my weekend was fun, mostly highs. Went to a pool party/cookout: played lots of games including wiffle ball, water polo, and soccer (I was the lone gringa); Tall John from Texas was in town so we saw him at a rooftop Texas-tribute party; and last night I started on a dinner to take to the Lucks today– can’t wait to meet Adelyn!

Another High:  This weekend we saw The Hangover— and it made me laugh so hard. Coincidentally my younger brother Ben saw The Hangover with his friends the very same night, and it made them laugh so hard.  I believe they fell on the ground.  The logical meaning of this is that I have the same movie taste as college boys.  Freshmen college boys. (It could also mean that Ben is very mature– true. Or that this movie has broad appeal and is hilarious– true.  That makes me feel better.  Also true: a couple of years ago, I accompanied Ben, our cousin Zach, and their friends to the opening night of Snakes on a Plane. Zach brought a rubber snake to make it audience interactive, so it was a great time.)

And a Low: I realized this weekend that our kitten Rosalita likes Izzy more than me.


2 thoughts on “How was your weekend?

  1. Three comments come to mind:
    If you were The Lone Gringa (who was that masked woman?), I hope Izzy remembered to put sunscreen on you.
    You should hope that Rosalita is the only girl you know who prefers Izzy to you.
    And most important – how did you get the computer to make that little upside down question mark?

  2. Update: mlr and KRjr saw The Hangover, and she was upset because her children are “morally bankrupt.” But she laughed!

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