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Oy with the poodles already

Don’t tell anyone, but Friday I watched an episode of “Gilmore Girls” on my computer at work.  It’s ok because I’m just calling that my lunch break.  It was a very. slow. day.

I love many things about Gilmore Girls (Kirk! Luke! Parties in the town square with the gazebo; the buckets of coffee they drink; literary and movie references; the fact that my dad enjoys watching it with me and mom; the fact that Jim B. got into it before I did. . .),  but one feature I love in particular is how flawed the characters are. Case in point: Rory dates that idiot Dean. I hate that kid and his floppy hair. But, I accept that people, both fictional and real, aren’t perfect. That’s why it’s interesting.  And my desire for Rory to break up with Dean actually propels the action. If there’s no conflict, why tell the story?

My mom, on the other hand, can’t let an episode go by without reminding me that Rory or Lorelai is making a poor life decision.  I think it’s obvious, which is why it works, because that is life, dear mother. [Mom is not as well-adjusted as I am. But I am well-adjusted thanks to her, so that’s a comfort.]

gilmore-girlsWhat do you love about Gilmore Girls?  And if you don’t love it, that’s a deeper issue.

This post brought to you by Lindsey and 417.


6 thoughts on “Oy with the poodles already

  1. I love this post because I adore the “Gillies”, as I affectionately call them. I like it because it comes at at 11am and 5pm so I can enjoy 2 showings daily. I like it because the dialogue is completely unrealistic and kind of exhausting. I too look up to the extreme amounts of coffee they take in and would join them if I wasn’t nursing. I wish that I could go to diners and eat pancakes and cheeseburgers every day and still look as good as they do. Stars Hollow is my dream town by far. And I do like Dean….Logan on the other hand, that’s another story…

  2. Tonight on the final episode of ‘ER,’ Alexis Bledel is an intern on an er rotation. Unfortunately, so far, she is Rory in a white coat, and not a dr. at County General in Chicago!

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