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Highlight of the Week

On Tuesday, Israel and I joined all our fellow gray-ponytailed hippies in the greater DC area for FLEETWOOD MAC live in concert. Okay, so we were younger than average in that crowd, with shorter hair; but at some point or another, haven’t we all wanted to tell someone: “Monday morning you look so fine, but Friday I’ve got travelin’ on my mind”??  

We all know that songs are stories (country music), and so basically Lindsey Buckingham and Stevie Nicks are up on stage re-enacting their failed love story every time they play “Go Your Own Way.” 

Take a moment for cathartic release, and enjoy:

Unfortunately I was too young to embrace this song as a breakup song; I’m pretty sure I used “Please Remember Me” by Tim McGraw.  Soundtrack of life. What are the songs that you associate with your own life story, good or bad?


3 thoughts on “Highlight of the Week

  1. Always be My Baby by Mariah…she provided my middle and high school life soundtracks.
    Also “Landslide” by none other than Fleetwood themselves, fits most nostalgic life circumstances perfectly

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